Laser Dentistry

Fast Relief for Painful Mouth Sore

Do you have frequent mouth sores (canker sores or cold sores) that are painful? Now we can use biostimulation to provide relief of pain and faster healing. The laser is gently waved over the sore like a flash light and does not contact the lesion. This makes it feel more comfortable within minutes. Our laser has a biostimulation effect whereby it stimulates blood flow to the area and prompts the body to bring in it's own natural healing cells.  The best thing to do is to call out office as soon as you get a sore or even before it comes out, when you only feel a tingling that it's going to break out, and we will do this one time laser treatment.  In many case it's sufficent for it to be treated fully, or eleviate the pain. Many studies showed that after laser treatment, the incidence of the cold sores will be reduced or eliminated completely.

Gum Healing and Periodontal Desiease Treatment

We can now use the laser after a deep cleaning appointment to encourage the best possible healing and to help manage chronic gum disease (also known as periodontal disease). Recent studies show that lasers can reduce the bacteria in a diseased gum pocket by up to 97% and increase the blood flow to the area for better healing.

Laser  Root Canal Treatment

Similar to desinfection of the gums during gum therapy, the desinfection occurs during root canal treatment.  When canal is fully desinfected, the chances of failure and reinfection are reduced, and through healing qualities of laser, the chance of treatment success is increased.

Gum Surgeries

Laser can be used instead of the scalpel any time the gums need to be cut for such procedures as fibroma removal, biopsy, implant uncovery, crown lenthening and other gum surgeries.  Laser cuts very precise and has a better control management than a scalpel.  additionally lasers are known for its cauterising properlies that means that the bleeding is reduced a great deal and the healing starts faster.  Addionally laser desinfecting and biostimulating properties further  help to speed up the healing due to reduced risk of infection and pain.

Teeth Desensitization

If you suffer from sensitive teeth not relieved by other means, you may benefit from laser desensitization.  during this procedure, the special laser tip is aimed at the painful tooth, and through process of biostimulation, the tooth will become less sessitive.  In case of deep decay, this procedure is not effective

TMJ Pain

TMJ pain can be caused by many different conditions. One of the most common causes of TMJ pain is clenching and grinding habits. The source of grinding & clenching can be bite interference. In this case, we can adjust your bite or create a custom nightguard to relieve the condition. Click here to learn more about our TMJ Treatment.

Biostimulation with the laser can be used to help momentarily relieve TMJ (jaw joint) pain. The laser is gently waved over the joint area like a flash light for a minute or two.This makes the jaw feel more comfortable within minutes! Biostimulation means that the laser also brings in the body’s own naturally healing cells by stimulating blood flow in the area and the muscles often feel more relaxed. In addition the laser helps the body to block inflammation.


The laser also can be used to release frenum pull. A frenum is a fibrous band of tissue that connects to the gum tissue. When the frenum is excessive it can cause permanent separation of the two front teeth or it may cause unsightly gum recession. A short frenum under the tongue, is often called "tongue tied". Many of these problems can be taken care of without surgical cutting and there is no need for stitches when a laser is used!

Uneven gum line

Sometimes the front teeth have unsightly uneven gums. In simple cases, the gum tissue can be reshaped with a laser. More complex cases require the special skill to re-contour both the gum and underlying bone.  We can do either case in our office very successfully.


Biostimulation ( Low Level Laser Therapy):

Biostimulation means that the laser can stimulate anti-inflammatory properties in the area by preventing the release of histamines and prostaglandins. This result promotes wound healing and decreases pain from inflammation. Biostimulation can increase the blood flow and circulation to the treated area which also promotes healing.

Our Laser is the ONLY laser that is  FDA cleared for pain therapy. The exclusive beam-dispersing handpiece has several therapeutic applications, including providing temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness.This is often used to treat mouth sores and jaw pain.

Laser whitening:

Studies have shown that our special Laser can perform a full-mouth, in-office whitening procedure with an average of 4-6 shades in only 20 minutes of treatment time (not including set-up or take-down), faster and brighter  than any other in-office whitening system. Further, teeth sensitivity is reduced by using a laser as compared to other types of whitening systems.

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