We are happy to offer you this great orthodontic treatment! In less than 6 months you can achieve straignt perfectly aligned teeth. In traditional orthodontics, the crowns (the top parts of the teeth that erupt out of gums) are aligned first, and then the roots of the teeth are aligned later. This process takes on average 2 years which also adds to the cost of treatment. Fastbraces untilize a revolutionary technology in superior bracket and wire design that allows for root and tooth movement at the same time with gentle wire force. Another great thing that compared to traditional orthodontics that commonly calls for teeth extraction, Fastbraces are able to align teeth without removing teeth. This is a great advantage, because not only it provides for more conservative treatment, but for wider, fuller smiles. We prefer not to remove teeth, because wider, fuller smiles in turn facilitate more youthful appearance, contribute to more open airway and reduce risk of snoring or sleep apnea in the future. Traditional braces commonly change patient's natural bite, which sometimes could lead to inflamation og the temporomandibular joint. On the contrairy, Fastbraces is that it commonly preserves natural bite. Fastbraces come in two types: metal brackets and wires, and clear bracket and tooth colored wire. The following are advantages of Fastbraces:

  • Natural bite often preserved
  • Almost always non-extraction
  • Majority of the treatments are completed in less than 6 months
  • Lower costs than regular braces
  • Immediate root movement
  • Sigificantly less pain and less root resorption due to unique wire design

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