Now your Invisalign or orthodontics can get even FASTER! AcceleDent is groundbreaking device that can speed up your Invisalign or any orthodontics by up-to 50%. AcceleDent is FDA cleared as type II medical device as safe and realible through U. S. clinical trials. It's a small hands free device that applies light vibrations to the teeth for ONLY 20 minutes a day. It utilizes SoftPulse Technology to transmit a gentle pulse through the roots of the teeth into surrouding bone. It causes bone stimulation and cellular response around the teeth leading to bone remodeling around the teeth, which it turn shifts the teeth in desired position. This technology builds on long term medical experience of healing the bone and fractures and treating osteoporosis by soft pulse technology. The micropulses applied to the teeth are very safe as even gthe ordinary chewing forces applied to the teeth are at least 200x greater than the forces applied by AcceleDent. Dr. Nelly Bezimyansky is a leader in Invisalign technology and one of the first AcceleDent providers in Los Angeles.

  • AcceleDent is safe, effective and speeds up the teeth movement by up to 50%, it takes ONLY 20 minutes a day
  • AcceleDent is NON INVASIVE and does not require bone penetration
  • AcceleDent SoftPulse technology can DECREASE discomfort of orthodontic treatment especially on the days of adjustments or aligner changes
  • AcceleDent is portable and lightwieght
  • AcceleDent not only makes teeth move faster but can make teeth move more precise into the disired position

Please contact our office today if you want to find out more about this great technology.

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